Universitas Medan Area or abbreviated as UMA is the best private university located in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Campus I of the University of Medan Area is located on Jl. Swimming No. 1 Medan Estate, Medan and campus II are on Jl. Sei Serayu No. 70 A. University of Medan Area was founded in 1983 by H. Agus Salim Siregar and when it was accredited B by BAN-PT and provided facilities that support the development of your abilities in the academic and non-academic fields. Since it was first established the Medan Area University has given birth to many alumni in the workforce throughout Indonesia. At present the University of Medan Area reopens new student admissions for Academic Year 2020/2021. Admission of new students is of course a great opportunity for those of you who want to continue your education with the University of Medan Area. University of Medan Area new student registration schedule is in May РSeptember by filling out the registration form on the UMA PMB website. Come on, let alone register yourself immediately at the Medan Area University by clicking the link below.